Meet Our Crew

Amazing Grace - Crew member on board the Lost Pearl pirate ship

Amazing Grace


Katherine Grace O’Sullivan, a.k.a. Amazing Grace, has been a pirate for most of her life. Grace has a special place in her heart for the young scallywags who board The Lost Pearl. She loves to tell them stories of famous pirates and teach them pirate lore. If asked, she will give a quick sword fighting lesson or teach the youngsters the “secret” pirate handshake. Aye, and don’t be asking why she’s called Amazing Grace. Only her husband knows that for sure!
Dungeon Dave - Crew member on board the Lost Pearl pirate ship

Dungeon Dave


Donal “Dave” O’ Conner, AKA Dungeon Dave, be the most brave, most fierce pirate on all the seven seas. (Well, actually, he’s only sailed five seas, but he has a punch card for the rest.) He be a sailin’ aboard the Lost Pearl after being locked up in Blackbeard’s dungeon for several years after he was caught stealin’ his mate’s grog. Dungeon Dave loves to blow kisses at mermaids and to teach all new pirate recruits how to be the fiercest scallywags sailin’ on King Neptune’s oceans. 
Sally - Pirate crew member on board the Lost Pearl pirate ship

Six-Fingered Sally


Growing up in Galway, as a child, Sally learned to get by on her own by pickpocketing. One day, drawn to the jingle-jangle of coin from a belt pouch, she picked the pocket of a local buccaneer. He gave chase, forcing her to leap aboard a ship and hide in the cargo hold. Unknowingly, that ship was the Lost Pearl. Sally fit in well with the crew and now makes a comfortable living as a pirate aboard the (Lost) Pearl, but, beware, old habits die hard, so ye best be keeping track o’ yer money and shiny objects while she is around.
Bermuda Bob - Crew member on board the Lost Pearl pirate ship

Bermuda T. Bob


Found in the Bermuda Triangle by sailors, Bob was taken to the island of Tortuga where he was adopted by a kindly couple. Something odd happened to Bob while he was in the Triangle; he loses his memory quite often. Bob grew to love breaking the rules and having daring adventures across the many islands of the Caribbean. He’s adventurous, bold, and charismatic. A fun secret is that Bob isn’t his real name. His real name is………..
Loopty - Crew member on board the Lost Pearl pirate ship

Loopty Lou


Loopty Lou is the newest member of the Lost Pearl crew. Many crew members have noticed that she appears to be a bit “loopty”and may have a few screws loose, but she doesn’t see it that way. Loopty likes to daydream her day away, while staring out to sea, thinking about gold or maybe looking for a passing dolphin or two. She’s a right friendly pirate, but keep tight hold of your grog…she just may steal it when you’re not looking!
Pirate Chip Ahoy

Chip Ahoy


Chip Ahoy was surrounded by pirates while growing up. Well, that’s what she thought they were. She actually lived in a big tree in the middle of the woods. After leaving the woods, Chip joined a band of real pirates aboard the Lost Pearl. Unlike the other pirates on board, Chip Ahoy was always a good cookie. As an incentive to keep behaving, the pirates rewarded Chip with crunchy snacks.


Ruthless Ruby


They say that Ruby be the most ruthless pirate that ever sailed aboard the Lost Pearl. What is it that makes her so ruthless, you ask? Many moons ago when sailing through the Gulf, her sister Ruth was lost in a tragic battle when she fell overboard (ending up in Davy Jones’ locker, may she Rest in Peace.) Ruby had no choice but to carry on ‘Ruth’lessly.