The Lost Pearl Returns 2024

If you have received a Lost Pearl complimentary pass from a fundraiser or giveaway and you are looking to use it, please email info@tampapirateship.com.

Arrrgh You Ready
ForA Pirate Cruise?

How About One with Drinks Free at Sea?


Come aboard the Lost Pearl’s 1.5-hour interactive pirate ship in Tampa and enjoy swashbuckling activities, water cannon fun, and a bar that’s Free at Sea for everyone! We offer cruises for all ages, including:

  • All Ages Pirate Adventures
  • All Ages Sunset Cruises
  • Special Event & Holiday Cruises*

You will train to be a pirate so we’re prepared for any unwarranted encounter as we cruise Florida’s most pirate-infested waters, home to the legendary Jose Gaspar. Keep a sharp eye out for friendly dolphins as they like to swim along with us on our travels.

*Drinks Free at Sea restrictions may apply on Special Event & Holiday Cruises

Private Charters

Be wantin’ a private charter for yer birthday or group event? Invite your buccaneers to seize the Lost Pearl for a swashbucklin’ good time.

Camp Field Trips

The Lost Pearl offers the perfect field trip for your campers to spend the day at sea. Bring your little buccaneers to experience a pirate adventure in the heart of Downtown Tampa this summer or winter.

Special Event Cruises

The Lost Pearl offers a variety of specially-themed holiday and event cruises for you to celebrate with your friends and family. 

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